Aggregates Processing

Production and supply of aggregates and the recycling and diversion of asphalt and concrete, including reinforcing steel.


With extensive expertise in aggregates management, Arthon produces and supplies aggregates materials throughout the western provinces from Saskatchewan to British Columbia. Materials are sourced from our major quarry sites and by developing on-site aggregate sources. Using unique knowledge and specialized equipment, Arthon has also recycled and diverted asphalt and concrete, including reinforcing steel, both on-site and at our quarry locations.

Clients range from the City of Kelowna, LNG Canada, Provincial and Federal Governments, First Nations Bands, mines, paving contractors, and many others. Projects range from small to large.

Our largest on-site recycling project involved the processing and stockpiling of 280,000 tonnes of concrete and asphalt in Regina, Saskatchewan. All materials were recycled, including reinforcing steel.

And our largest aggregates production project under Sandhill Materials Inc. involves large-scale production and supply of aggregates for LNG Canada, resulting in the production of 10,000 tonnes per day in Kitimat B.C. (ongoing).

Aggregates projects often involve collaborations with local First Nations like the Penticton Indian Band and the Haisla First Nation, and result in community sponsorship in the project area.