For this twinning and wildlife underpass construction improvement project on a section of the Trans-Canada Highway near Lake Louise, Alberta, Arthon completed the twinning and paving of a 7 km stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway, including construction and installation of two wildlife underpass structures.

Scope of Work

Beginning in the summer of 2005 and completing in the fall of 2007, Arthon conducted drilling, blasting, excavation, and hauling of 155,000 m3 of rock and 353,000 m3 of dirt as well as the production and placement of 60,000 m3 of base aggregates, the construction of two wildlife underpass structures, installation of culverts, road maintenance, and paving.

Challenges overcome during the project include:

  • Drilling, blasting, and scaling adjacent to the Trans-Canada
  • Maintaining heavy traffic flow while conducting work on an active highway
  • Supporting the requirements of local wildlife
  • Working near an active railway

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