Huckleberry Mine Expansion

Construction of main tailings dam, three sediment control dams, drainage facilities, haul roads and access roads.
Value $37M



In 2012 Huckleberry Mines Ltd. released their Main Zone Optimization Plan to extend the life of Huckleberry Mine, an open pit copper/molybdenum, to 2021. The plan identified $119.0 million for new acquisitions, and $82.0 million for dam construction. With their tailings pond nearing capacity, the upgrade and expansion was essential for continued operations at the Huckleberry Mine site, located 86 km. southwest of Houston, BC.

Scope of Work

Arthon entered into a joint venture with Belvedere Place Contracting Ltd. to undertake a multi-year contract, commencing in 2012, for the construction of a substantial portion of the Huckleberry Mine site expansion. The work continued through 2013, which included the construction of a main tailings dam, three sediment control dams, and drainage facilities, plus the stripping and construction of haul roads and access roads to the dam. The project required the development of an on-site quarry and extensive crushing work. High volumes of earthworks during short work seasons were challenges our team addressed during this project.

The project involved collaboration with the Cheslatta Carrier Nation, and the establishment of a strategic partnership with Belvedere Place Contracting Ltd.